A look at the top 10 essential daily essentials products in the Philippines

Posted March 17, 2018 05:31:10Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Philippines’ National Emergency Management Plan (NEMPP), the country’s first emergency plan.NEMPLAN, also known as the National Emergency Plan of the 21st Century, has been a priority of the Duterte administration.Under the NEMPLANT plan, the Philippines will deploy 5.2 million military personnel to address a […]

How to save money on groceries by buying the right things, a grocery store insider tells us

The next time you see someone buying groceries at a supermarket, ask yourself: What would a $50 bag of beans cost you?And then consider what you’d pay if you paid $100 for the same bag of goods.A new study released this week by the National Retail Federation (NRF), which is a nonprofit organization that promotes […]

How to save money on food in 2018

The dollar is soaring.It is the best-performing major currency of the year, but the pace of its rise is a concern for many people, particularly those living in countries where the food they eat is a luxury.The dollar index has risen to an all-time high against a basket of major currencies over the past year, […]

How to buy essential oils from the internet

Daily necessities are essential oils that have been extracted from plants and have been used in traditional herbal medicine for centuries.These oils are typically used to treat skin conditions and are often used in conjunction with other medicines and herbal products to make them effective.Daily necessities products are an important part of everyday life in […]

Here’s a list of daily necessities and essentials you can buy in Canada

A lot of people are asking for this, but if you’re just starting out, this list is probably too small to really help you get your daily needs right.But what do I need to buy in order to get the most out of life?The short answer is, everything.You can’t just buy one thing, and then […]

How to find a new daily need

The world is in crisis, and it’s not just because we’re at war.We’re in a period of severe food scarcity and a deepening environmental crisis.We can’t survive on the current amount of food and water that we have, and we can’t make a living without food.We’ve seen this movie before, when food and medicine were […]

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