How to make a good cup of coffee in a hurry

You might think the Starbucks cup you just bought for $3.50 isn’t going to last you much longer.But as Starbucks grows into a billion-dollar company, it is making a new product to keep up with the changing times.It’s called the new Starbucks Cup.The cups are also being manufactured at the company’s plant in Mexico.Here are […]

How much protein are you missing from your diet?

Daily protein requirements can vary widely depending on what you are doing and where you live.But there are two major groups that are required for optimal health: the requirements for adults (ages 20 and over) and children (ages 5 and under).These are:• The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for adults is 8 grams per kilogram (1.5 […]

ESPN’s SportsCenter hosts will face off in mock ‘Saturday Night Live’ episode – Fox Sports

ESPN’s “SportsCenter” hosts will be facing off against “Saturday Night Magic” star Sam Smith in a “SNL” mock episode that will air on Friday.Smith is a regular on the show, which has been renewed for a sixth season.ESPN said the episode will air live, with a few segments that will be shot on location.ESPN’s other […]

You don’t need to wear a wig when you’re in a bikini

If you’re into dressing up for the beach, then you’ll want to consider a long-sleeved shirt, long-cropped hair and lots of sunscreen, especially when you have a chance of getting sunburn.But for people who aren’t into that, you might want to think twice before trying to dress like a real woman.Here are five common reasons […]

How to create an idea for a business idea

A few days ago, my colleague, and I were looking for a way to use an idea from our recent brainstorming session to create a business.As we were working on this, our brains were racing with a few questions.How did we go about creating an idea?What does an idea look like?The answer to these questions, […]

A look at the top 10 essential daily essentials products in the Philippines

Posted March 17, 2018 05:31:10Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Philippines’ National Emergency Management Plan (NEMPP), the country’s first emergency plan.NEMPLAN, also known as the National Emergency Plan of the 21st Century, has been a priority of the Duterte administration.Under the NEMPLANT plan, the Philippines will deploy 5.2 million military personnel to address a […]

What’s in your daily protein need?

In a recent study published in the journal Nature Medicine, scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, found that men and women have very different needs for protein and carbohydrates.The study focused on the nutritional status of men and examined their protein needs from infancy through their late adulthood.According to […]

Canadian doctor who says her son was diagnosed with cancer has sued over death sentence

A Canadian doctor is suing her son’s father for $8 million over his wrongful death.The wrongful death suit filed Friday seeks $2.5 million in damages for the family of Dr. Richard Côté, a neurosurgeon and physician at Toronto General Hospital.Côterre, 72, died in 2014 of a rare blood disorder called thalassemia, which can cause a […]

Healthcare Daily Needles

Daily necessities meaning meaning,Daily necessities packing is the name of a brand of household products which is available at a wide range of retailers.This week’s list of the top 10 items available for purchase are:Dermacentre products (Dermabrush, Dermabush Classic, Deryne, Delly, Dinky) are available at supermarkets, pharmacies and drug stores.The brand is known for its […]

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