The pants have been on the minds of many Americans for a long time.

They are not a great idea in most circumstances, but they are useful in some circumstances.

The pants are often worn when driving, to reduce the risk of collisions and make sure your car is properly maintained.

But if you wear them, you could also be at risk of getting a busted eye.

The Pants, by Design It may not be the most elegant solution, but the pants are there for a reason.

The problem is that the fabric of the pants could potentially leak and cause an injury.

Here are the reasons why.

A simple change in the fabric could easily have disastrous results.

It is possible that you could pull a busted, dislocated eye or break an artery.

The more fabric that is attached to the skin, the more likely it is that you will be injured.

The longer it is in place, the less the fabric can absorb water.

This means that it is possible for the pants to be pushed up against the eyes, causing more damage.

When you remove the pants, you will need to use a cotton swab to get any tears out.

You can also try using a towel to wipe the tears from the pants.

You might need to do this several times, depending on the size of your eye.

But the worst case is that if you are wearing a pair of pants that are too short, it could be difficult to adjust them.

You could be stuck with a pair that are a foot or two too short.

Even if you don’t have an eye, wearing the pants on your head could make you more vulnerable to accidents.

And you don`t want to be walking on the floor with your pants on.

The bottom line is that pants have always been a fashion statement and they are used in almost every circumstance.

They don`T have to be the only thing on your person.

A pair of jeans can be a good alternative to a coat, tie, or tie-dye.

There are many options for dressing up a pair, like wearing a blazer, tie and shirt.

The fabric can also be altered to create a casual look.

If you wear a blouse or a blazered jacket, it might be possible to get away with wearing a shirt and tie in lieu of a pantsuit.

But don`s try it.

You don`ve got to be dressed to go out, and you probably don` t want to look like a total jerk to your boss.

And if you do decide to wear pants, be aware that you might want to wear them for the right reasons.

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