The Irish Economy looks like it is a cross-border bubble. 

With a strong and growing manufacturing sector, the country’s economy is still a little overvalued relative to its peers. 

However, it is becoming increasingly evident that the Irish economy is now a cross border bubble, with a strong manufacturing sector and an emerging consumer-driven sector. 

A recent survey of the Irish market found that nearly half of those polled thought that Ireland’s economy was in a bubble, and over 60 per cent thought that the economy would be better off in 2019 if there was a surge in exports. 

But, it appears that the bubble is not just confined to Ireland. 

According to a recent survey from Euromonitor International, the Irish Government has been in the news for over a month now for their poor performance on growth, inflation and the outlook for the country. 

The UK’s economy and the US are both showing signs of recovery, while Germany is still in recession, with unemployment at 5.7 per cent. 

In this latest poll, it was found that the only country in the European Union that was outperforming the Irish was Italy. 

Italy has a strong economy, a strong consumer and an economy that is growing at a solid pace. 

Despite the poor performance, many Irish people are not happy with the current economic environment and believe that there is a better way to go. 

There is much to be done to address the problems that exist in the economy and get the country back on track, but there is one key area that will benefit from a stronger manufacturing sector: the economy. 

One of the key aspects of the economy is the manufacturing sector.

The manufacturing sector is the largest employer in Ireland and is responsible for over half of the countrys GDP. 

It is the only sector in the country that is generating significant growth and is now capable of providing a real lift to the economy, especially in light of Brexit. 

Currently, there are only a few companies that are in this sector, but it is expected that in the future, the number of firms in the sector will grow significantly. 

This will allow for more jobs and more growth for the Irish workforce. 

Ireland is the biggest exporter of goods and services to the EU, with the Irish trade deficit with the EU currently at €11 billion. 

Over the last 12 months, the value of our exports has increased by €12 billion to €1.2 trillion, which means that we are currently exporting more goods to the European economy than the entire European economy, including Italy. 

 The number of new jobs that the manufacturing industry creates is also very important. 

An analysis from IHS Markit shows that the number one employer of Irish workers is the textile and textiles industry, with over 60,000 jobs being created by the sector in 2018. 

Additionally, over €1 billion in employment is created by construction, engineering, and manufacturing. 

These two sectors together produce more than half of Irelands GDP and they have both benefitted greatly from Brexit, especially when you consider the cost of the Brexit vote, which has resulted in a fall in jobs. 

Therefore, if Ireland is going to grow and grow in a strong fashion, it will require a strong, diversified economy. 

 As the manufacturing workforce is now growing and the economy continues to grow, the economy will benefit in terms of jobs and growth. 

When the economy grows, jobs are created and new people are added to the labour force. 

Furthermore, as the manufacturing employment is expanding, there will be more demand for Irish goods. 

So, as a result of Brexit, jobs will be created in the manufacturing sectors and that will bring an influx of foreign workers, creating new jobs. 

 While there are many positives to a strong industry like the textile or the textile industry, it should be emphasised that the best way to grow the economy in the long run is to diversify it. 

We must diversify the economy from being reliant on imports to a manufacturing sector that is more reliant on exports.

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