The top ten things you should know when it comes to your daily necessities.


Water: Drinking water is the most important of your supplies, so make sure you have a source to get it when you need it.

A good source of water is a well, well-drinking water filter or a canister of filtered water.

For example, if you have your water tap broken, you can fill it up with filtered water and have it delivered to your home.

Some water supplies you can buy from the grocery store and other retailers.

Water from the tap should be fresh and clean.


Food: This is a simple one to know.

You can always buy a grocery store food bag for your daily needs.

A grocery store can also sell fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as some healthy products like fruits and vegetables.


Household goods: These are essential items that will last you a lifetime.

The best way to keep your household goods in good condition is to keep them on hand.

For instance, a kitchen knife can be useful to you when you want to make a mess.

Make sure that your refrigerator is properly insulated and stocked with fresh, dry food, as it can be very difficult to get your groceries there.


Jewelry: If you want something that will attract attention from people who might not normally see it, make sure that you have jewelry that you like and can wear with pride.

You should also keep a collection of jewelry in a safe place.


Personal hygiene: You should be wearing clean clothes and shoes when you’re not out in public.

For some people, this might be a big deal.

For others, it might be more of a chore.

Wear loose fitting clothes and keep your hands clean.


Electronics: If your electronics are a problem, try to avoid using them.

For people who don’t use electronics, they can be hard to replace.

If you have an older computer, make it a priority to keep it in good shape so that you don’t have to pay for repairs.


Medical supplies: You can’t use any medications or medical equipment when you have them on you.

They should only be used when they are needed.

For those who are sick, use their own medicine, and for those who need medical assistance, contact a doctor or nurse.


Books: If books are your favorite thing to read, you should make sure to read them on your own.

Keep them in a drawer and in your closet.

If the books are on your desk, place them in the library.

You don’t need to be in a rush to get to your favorite book.


Medical care: You will need to call your doctor and nurse if you need to get medical treatment.

Medical professionals are trained to look out for you and provide you with the best care possible.

It’s best to have your medical needs checked out by your doctor or your nurse before going out and going to a new place.


Pets: Your pets are very important to you, so you need the best possible care when you go out with them.

Keep your pet on a leash, wear long-sleeved shirts and loose fitting pants, and never leave your pets in the car.

If they’re in a big vehicle, put a leash on them and bring them outside to a safe area.

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