You’re getting married, your partner is out of town, and you want to be home for a couple of days.

You have a week’s worth of groceries, clothes, and household goods in your closet.

Then you stumble upon an ad on Craigslist that looks promising.

“If you can get this girl out of the apartment, she can pay off her debt,” the ad reads.

The ad has attracted more than 3,000 responses from prospective buyers who want to pay off a small debt, with no guarantee they’ll be able to do so.

You’ve had a couple drinks at a bar.

The house is a bit dingy.

The girl seems nice.

She is pretty and has a nice body.

She has a job.

You are excited to go out with her and meet some friends.

But as you sit down to a drink, you realize you have a problem.

You’re in a debt bondage situation.

Your options are: You can go through a credit card debt reduction plan, pay off your credit card, or apply for student loans.

And if you’re not paying off your debts, your loan is likely to default.

But you don’t want to default on your student loans because you know that your daughter’s debt will be wiped out if she gets a job or receives a promotion.

So how do you avoid a “debt trap” if you are married and in a high-interest credit card or student loan debt bondage?


Find a solution for a debt problem.

Debt traps are like bad credit, so you have to be able take out some sort of debt to get yourself out of debt.

You could start by taking out some type of credit card to pay your rent or car payment, or paying off some of your bills on time.

But this may not be a good solution.

For instance, if you take out a credit cards debt reduction loan to pay for a car or a home remodel, your debts are likely to be worse.

But if you do this, you will likely have to take out more than you owe. If you don

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