Shooting is essential for daily living.

But shooting a gun, for example, doesn’t require any special training, the Ministry of Defence says.

“You just have to have a gun and you are ready to go,” says Major-General Anupama Singh, who heads the defence department’s National Training Centre.

He says people should shoot with confidence and aim.

“The only thing you have to worry about is the safety of your life and the safety and security of the people in the vicinity.”

In other words, you don’t need to spend years getting a good grip on your gun, or practice a skill, to shoot a pistol.

But there are many things you need to know about shooting a pistol before you get started.


Your weapon has to be reliable 1.1 Your gun has to have an ammunition supply of at least two cartridges.

“If you have a pistol with a 10-round magazine, that means you need at least four cartridges for a 10 round clip,” says Prabhup Jain, a defence analyst at the Indian Council for Research on International Security.

He adds that in most countries, a pistol is required to be reloaded once a day.


The gun must be reliable enough to protect its owner The most important factor in gun safety, says Lt Gen Singh, is the gun’s reliability.

“A pistol should be reliable, but if you have an unsafe gun, the risk of accidents is high,” he says.

The best way to protect your gun from accidental firing is to ensure that its ammunition is well-stocked.

The government does not regulate ammunition in the country, but it has an ammunition safety board.

In the absence of such a safety board, the ministry sets the safe ammunition stocks and prices for every manufacturer.


A bullet has to go far enough to hit your target The distance between the muzzle and the target must be far enough for a bullet to go through.

“To do that, you have three factors,” says Singh.

“One, it has to pass through the target, and two, you need enough energy to travel a little bit further than that,” he adds.

In India, the maximum permissible range for a handgun is 400 metres (1,300 feet), but it’s not unheard of to shoot at 200 metres (4,400 feet) or beyond.

The minimum permissible range is around 120 metres (5,200 feet), which is where you might shoot if you’re trying to shoot through a window.

“That’s the maximum range for the AK-47, which is a very long range firearm,” says the author of The Secret Life of the Modern Gun.

“It can be used for long distances,” he continues.

“In the case of an assault rifle, it is the maximum possible range that can be fired.”

If you’re going to shoot from a distance of 100 metres (328 feet), you need a muzzle velocity of 1,000 metres per second (Mach 0.98).

“A bullet is only effective at a muzzle speed of Mach 1.6 or Mach 1,700,” says Lieutenant General Singh.

The only way to go beyond that is with a round, he says, which has a velocity of 2,000 to 3,000 m/s.


The bullets have to be good enough to do the job The most essential aspect of any gun is its reliability.

When you use a gun to defend yourself, it needs to be able to fire consistently.

“An AK-57 has a range of about 3,300 metres (8,600 feet), so it can fire in bursts of 3 or 4 shots,” says Jain.

“But you can’t use that same bullet to defend your family members.

It has to perform at its maximum capacity,” he explains.

And in India, that’s why most modern AK-53s and AK-74s have “fixed sights” that are set at a range that is close to 100 metres.

But you’ll still need to have enough energy for the gun to shoot the bullet accurately.

“I would say that a good round has to do at least Mach 1,” says General Singh, adding that if you want a bullet with a maximum range of 10 metres or more, you’ll need to buy a round with a Mach 1 range of 5 to 10 metres.

“What you want is a bullet that can perform for about 20 or 30 metres, at which point the round has done its job.”

To put that in perspective, a 100-millimetre (330-inch) round fired from an AK-12 can hit an elephant about 20 metres (65 feet) away.

“When a bullet goes through an elephant, it’s a very powerful projectile.

However, it will penetrate through the skin and the flesh of the animal, but the bullet

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