The International Monetary Fund has set aside $1 billion to develop a device that will allow people with life-threatening diseases to stay healthy in hospitals, where they are often forced to remain in isolation.

The $1.1 billion fund is the first major contribution by a private sector organisation to the development of such a device, which will be the world’s first to be designed specifically for people with the rare and life-limiting condition Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

“We’re delighted that we’ve found a way to reduce costs, and help those in need, by bringing these people into the community and helping them to receive the care they need,” said John Delaney, president of the International Health Organisation.

The fund is seeking private sector partners for the development project, which aims to deliver an inexpensive, portable device that could be used by the poor to help them stay healthy.COPDs are a growing cause of death and disability worldwide, and are among the leading causes of death worldwide, accounting for about one in five deaths in people under 50 years of age.CADM will work with other international and local partners to develop the device, and with a focus on developing its commercialisation.CIDM’s mission is to build sustainable, quality health systems, which are at the heart of sustainable development and long-term prosperity.

It works with healthcare and other sectors to improve quality of life.

“I believe it is possible to transform lives and improve people’s lives,” Delaney said.

The project aims to have a device by the end of 2019.

The first prototype of the device was developed by a team led by the University of Michigan, and a team at the University at Buffalo.

“We have developed a device for people who are at risk of dying of COVID-19, but are still in a hospital, or are in isolation, and need a way of staying in a safe environment to avoid being put into isolation,” said Dr. Daniel T. Hannon, the director of the University’s Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics.

The device will allow them to stay in a small hospital environment, while allowing them to access medical services in the community, where their disease will not affect them.

“This is one of the few ways that they can receive the support they need, and the only way to keep them alive in a community environment,” Hannon said.

This device will help reduce costs by allowing them the choice to use their healthcare resources in the local community.

“They can access services from local providers, or from out-of-network providers, but they don’t have to go to a hospital,” Hagan said.

For more information, visit the International Humanitarian Partnership on COPD at or the CIDM project website at http/

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